55 Things To Be Grateful For

55 Things To Be Grateful For

We are in a time of uncertainty and it’s scary. Now more than ever we need to try to be positive and start looking forward to things again. We don’t know when things will go back to normal. I was looking at the blog for Wholesome Culture, one of my favorite brands that do good, and they have a post called “52 everyday reasons to be grateful” and it is so simple and pure it reminded me of being a little kid and seeing the world for the first time. I thought it would be a good idea to recreate my own version of this and put my mind in a simpler and more open way of thinking again. Also, I figured why not help businesses and brands that strive to do the same thing. Everything listed has come from me, my family, and my friends. Enjoy!

  1. the first rumble of thunder in a thunderstorm
  2. running through the hot sand
  3. the mountains in the distance
  4. your therapist
  5. making smores and popcorn over a fire
  6. the graduality of leaves changing between seasons
  7. watching hummingbirds flit between flowers
  8. snow just starting to cover the earth
  9. the outcome of someone’s creativity
  10. the sun
  11. seeing people do everything they were told that they couldn’t
  12. babies and their innocence
  13. a baby’s laugh
  14. your partner and/or kids
  15. a cat’s purr
  16. when your pet tucks their face into their paws
  17. the forest
  18. sunbeams through the trees
  19. summer rain
  20. fields of wildflowers
  21. sunsets reflecting on the ocean
  22. curly hair
  23. your supportive parents
  24. smiling strangers
  25. Marylou’s bagels
  26. baby sea turtles making their way to the ocean
  27. the warmth behind a horses eyes
  28. racing raindrops on windows
  29. the warmth of someone’s hand in yours
  30. a warm breeze on a cool day
  31. acoustic music
  32. when baby goats jump and play
  33. fairy circles in the woods
  34. the sound of spring peepers
  35. picnics on a blanket on soft grass
  36. reading in the sunshine
  37. the feeling of waves stealing the sand from under your feet
  38. smiles so big their eyes close
  39. elderly people dancing without a care
  40. watching someone teach a friend to ice skate
  41. petrichor
  42. the sound of pouring rain on a roof
  43. friends you know you can forever count on
  44. rainbows that stretch across the sky
  45. sitting outside and watching the starry night sky
  46. songs that make you forget your worries
  47. snow on evergreen trees
  48. jokes that make you laugh out loud
  49. experiencing other cultures’ traditions
  50. playing board and card games with your favorite people
  51. floating along with the waves
  52. the comfort of knowing your not alone when you see a neighbors light on in the middle of the night
  53. the joy you feel from splashing in puddles
  54. otter pups napping on their mothers
  55. the thought of knowing that we will be able to hug our friends and family again soon

What are you grateful for?

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