75 on Christmas

Hello again! As I mentioned in my last blog post, life has
been crazy busy. I work around thirty-five hours a week, I was balancing school
at the same time and a social life wasn’t even on the table for me. All of this
led to one big recipe for a state of constant tired. Additionally, this
Christmas was going to be hard for me due to some personal issues. So, a few
months ago I planned a trip to visit one of my best friends, Nicole, in Florida
for Christmas. And let me tell you, it is nice to have a vacation…and
seventy-five degrees on Christmas day is not so bad when you are from New

I’m staying with my friend’s family for the holidays and on
Christmas they brought me to Disney’s Hollywood Studios to spend the day. I
have been to this Disney World park before, however, the past few times we only
spent part of the day there or didn’t even get a chance to go, so this was
rather exciting for me. Also, Toy Story Land wasn’t finished last time I was
down here. Nicole and I did everything in the park except see the Beauty and
the Beast show and Fantasmic and holy cow, was it a lot. I didn’t get as many
photos as I hoped I would because other than facetiming my family between
attractions and rides, I wasn’t really on my phone. But the pictures I did get
aren’t too shabby, if I do say so myself.

Nicole and I went straight to Slinky Dog (a roller coaster)
which said it was a whopping 135-minute wait. While we were in line, we
facetimed with my dad and wished him a Merry Christmas. Not long after the
call, in exactly one hour from the time we stepped in line to the time we sat
down (not bad considering the wait time), we were seated in Slinky Dog’s
backside and ready to ride. Slinky Dog, if you like roller coasters, was worth
the wait and a great start to the day. The
picture on the left, however, was taken several hours later around sunset.

Afterwards, we watched a couple shows including Indiana
Jones and Muppet Vision 3-D. We facetimed my dad again so we could see my
nephew, both of my brothers and my older brother’s fiancé between the two shows
but that call was cut short due to a bad signal. After the latter show we video
called my mum so I could wish her a Merry Christmas and she could see Nicole
and her parents too. After some food we went back to Toy Story Land and played/rode
Toy Story Mania and Alien Swirling Saucers. The past couple times I played Toy
Story Mania I was not very good. This time was no different (only about 121,000
points). The Saucer ride – the abbreviation though funny, I will not write out
on the blog – was a lot of fun. It is like those carnival games that spin
really fast and make you get crushed by the other person in the seat next to
you except the person being squished is subject to change. I ate some actual
food (not just a pretzel like earlier) and we headed over to the Tower of
Terror, probably my favorite ride in the park.

Once we got off the ride, Nicole and I enjoyed some
Mickey-shaped ice cream while we waited for our Rockin’ Roller Coaster Fast
Pass to start, another very fun ride that I enjoy now that I’m not afraid of roller
coasters anymore – I still refuse to ride Superman at Six Flags New England,
though. We then headed over to Sunset Boulevard where Nicole’s parents waited
for the fireworks to start and Nicole and I, basically abandoned them to do
more in the park before they began. We got into the Frozen sing-a-long last
minute, headed over to Star Tours for our final Fast Pass for the day, and saw
Voyage of the Little Mermaid before we returned back to her parents to enjoy
the fireworks together.

I have also never been able to enjoy the evening show in
Hollywood Studios before because we usually only came during the beginning of
the day. In addition to the regular show they had, there was also the Jingle
Bell, Jingle Bam firework show. Both shows were really fun to watch and if you
ever get the chance, I recommend you see them. My Christmas was a very busy
day, one I certainly never had before, and one I certainly hope I won’t forget.
Nicole and her family are one of several families that I have the pleasure to
be a part of and “adopted” into. I am thankful they were willing to spend
Christmas with me and let me stay with them for this hectic time of year. I am
still here for a few more days and when I get back to Massachusetts, though my
life will pick back up to the craziness it was before, I will have been able to
take the opportunity to take a much-needed break and enjoy life a little.

Happy Holidays, everyone!



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