A Great Escape

Reading is my favorite pass time and I wish I had read more when I was younger. You remember in school, how most kids thought reading was boring and no fun, and, for the most part, you went along with it? You may not have felt the same way, but you joined the “reading sucks” boat because it meant you fit in with the crowd. This does not, by any means, apply to everyone, but it certainly did for me. I enjoyed reading (not so much if it was assigned because I preferred to choose what I read) and I liked quite a few of the books I read in school. It wasn’t until my junior year of high school that I finally picked up reading for fun again. It was mainly the influence of a particular book worm and actress on YouTube, Carrie Fletcher (you should check out her videos, she is a wonderful human being). She often suggested books to her audience (that I have been a part of for most of her YouTube career [look at me, exposing my fangirl]) and many of them caught my attention. With my British Literature teacher’s class work and Carrie’s book suggestions, soon enough, a majority of my time was spent in the library looking for, and reading books. After a few weeks, the librarian knew my school ID numbers and continued to remember them for the remainder of my time in high school.
[This anecdote doesn’t seem like it is going anywhere but trust me, it will.]
My Junior year of school, I had to quit my favorite sport due to knee issues which eventually resulted in lost friendships. In addition, my best friend moved to the other side of the country and my group of friends began to shrink. I realized that I really only had a few good friends left and even then, I we weren’t the closest. But these last two years of school, I would read almost all the time. In the morning, I would sit by myself in front of my locker with a thermos of tea next to me. In between classes I would read while waiting for the class to begin (I always got to my class rooms pretty quickly). And at lunch, due to my lack of friends, I would sit by myself in the library, reading. That is if I didn’t have homework to catch up on from reading so much.
Reading became my safe place. My great escape. The place I could go where I could be anyone, go anywhere, and do anything. I was able to forget my problems and my lack of friends. I could bask in the glory of another world, time, place, adventure, love story, and more, even if it was just for a few pages at a time. I wish that reading wasn’t so disliked by kids (and adults) because there are so many people who would probably enjoy reading as much as I do, if not more, and that could benefit from it, if they would just pick up a book. It is good for people to read, anyways. It helps you keep your brain engaged, and blah blah blah (lots of other important science things that would make this post excessively long and might lose your attention if it isn’t already lost) and it is fun. It may not be for everyone but it is most definitely worth a try. Reading is underrated and I think the people should change their views about it.
If you have any book suggestions, I would like to know them (even though I have to get through my 100+ ‘to-read’ book list), and encourage you to share them and pick up a new book yourself.

Read a book, my friends,
Beca 🙂


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