A Single Day for Love?

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Happy Valentines Day! – Come Home For ComfortValentine’s Day is right around the corner and I am so excited… for February 15th because the chocolate is discounted. This is my least favorite holiday if it even really deserves the title of “holiday” anymore. The notion of it is wonderful, yes, although it has turned into quite an annoying day. Let’s start at the beginning of when this holiday started.

Valentine’s Day History | Celebrating HolidaysSt. Valentine’s Day was originally a Roman festival honoring the Roman gods and celebrating fertility called Lupercalia. Later, the Christian church altered the pagan holiday to a Christian one honoring the several saints named Valentine. There is not much known about the saints but according to the History Channel (the place I’m getting this information from), there was a known Valentine who was a priest that married couples in secret because it was banned by Emperor Claudius II who believed single men make better soldiers, thus sentencing Valentine to death. Valentine, before his death sentence wrote a love note to the jailer’s daughter, with whom he fell in love signed “love your Valentine”. The celebration of St. Valentine became a holiday for a number of religions celebrating romance and romantic love. Today, it has become a more public holiday still celebrating love but far more commercialized.

I am certainly not against love or romance or the idea of celebrating either, however, I am against the notion of only celebrating it once a year. Sure, there are anniversaries, too, where couples often shower each other with gifts and such, but why only shower each other on those special occasions? If love is so unconditional, it should be shared every day. I am not saying one should go out and spend fifty plus dollars on chocolate and flowers and cards every day because that’s a lot of money to be spending. But, showing one’s appreciation for their partner every day is free. It doesn’t even have to be saying “I love you” it can be leaving a nice note, a well-wished text message, a rock that reminded them of some weird inside joke. Literally anything that shows your appreciation towards the other person. Love being celebrated only once or twice a year is ridiculous because if you really loved them, you’d tell them every day.

30 Creative Valentine's Day Greeting Card DesignsAnother thing I see floating around social media around Valentine’s Day is “Singles Awareness Day”. I am a perpetrator of sharing such things on social media. However, I have since learned and would like to add that there is nothing wrong with being single, especially on Valentine’s Day. Don’t get me wrong, being single does suck sometimes and my jokes about being single are in jest. I see it as, if I can’t make jokes about myself then my life has become too serious and I am having no fun living. Anyways, think about all the things you can do when you are single. You can go out and flirt like you’ve never flirted before without any consequences, or you can even stay home watching Netflix alone eating pizza and ice cream ignoring the world with no (maybe some) consequences. You are free as a bird and are not in a relationship where flirting with a bunch of people and ignoring a bunch of people is much of an issue.

Overall, the idea of Valentine’s Day is wonderful. It is a day to celebrate and shower people you value with love. I just wish that this idea of sharing love was a celebration every day and not commercialized for one day a year. Love doesn’t need to be expressed extravagantly. After all, it’s the little things we remember and appreciate in the long run.

“What is done in love, is done well” -Vincent van Gogh



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