A Tale of Three Roses

The other day I was at work and I was not in a terribly
great mood because of a situation that happened just before I had to leave my
house for work. However, when I had clocked in and was about to put my drawer
in the register, I saw one of my very good friends who I hadn’t seen in
probably about two years. From that point on my mood was significantly better
and I continued out my work shift as usual.

Within the first forty-five minutes of my shift, I took a
very nice woman’s order. She asked questions about how to order her food as
well as my opinion on the sandwich she should order, both of which are common
for customers do and both of which I answered as I normally would. When I asked
for her name towards the end of her order, she said, “Rose. Well that is part
of my name but the rest of it is pretty hard.” She then proceeded to tell me
her whole name. I didn’t quite catch all of it (she did say it quietly), but it
sounded very pretty. I told her that and she laughed and thanked me. Once her
order was complete, she said “Do you accept tips?” I tried explaining that we
can, we just can’t put a jar out, but she stopped me and wouldn’t let me
finish. Rose told me that I had very wonderful customer service skills and
thanked me for helping her with her order as she put five dollars into my hand.
I was so surprised because 1. I never expect a tip for just doing my job 2. I
rarely get tipped due to the fact that I tend to work later shifts when no one
tips and when I am tipped, it is usually just the leftover change and 3. Because
I was just doing my job as I normally would and I am supposed to do.

Fast forward about an hour or so later, and I was taking
another woman’s order. She also asked me questions about certain products, the
meal combination, etc. and I answered them all as I usually would. I offered
the pastry deal, because I am supposed to, and after explaining the one and
only pastry she asked about, she was sold. I asked her for her name which also
happened to be Rose. I completed her order gave her her change and told her to
have a good day. To this she replied, “thank you! You, too. And you have great
salesmanship and customer service skills.” I smiled and thanked her again.

My shift would be over in a few more hours and I was
surprised at how nice the customers were. With the summer months, we tend to get
an unfortunate amount or rude customers that are different from the rude winter
customers who take their holiday stress on the staff and employees of
establishments. I don’t know if it is the heat or what, but whatever the
reasoning, it happens all too often. Anyways, I was taking another woman’s
order who was having trouble deciding. I helped her just as I had before for
the other customers that day. And, just as I had done for every other customer,
I ask for her name for the order. I bet that you could guess it from the title
and my other two experiences, her name was Rose and she, too, thanked me for my

This story doesn’t seem like much but it did remind me of a
few things:

1. It doesn’t hurt to be nice. You may know that saying that goes, “it costs $0.00
to be a nice person”. Well lo and behold, it is true and it isn’t hard.

2. Doing good feels good! I prefer to think of myself a nice person and I try to do
good deeds as often as I can, especially when I am in a bad mood myself. It makes
me feel good as well as the recipient of the good deed and can turn anyone’s
day completely around.

3. Kindness
has a domino effect.
I know it is a pain in the butt working in retail, the
food industry, or really any job that doesn’t involve cute animals, and that
trying to be kind to people can be very very
difficult at times, but in the long run, it can have a lasting effect and could
potentially be passed on to other people who could also use some kindness in
their day.

The moral of the story is, always be kind to others. It may
be a difficult thing to do at times, but it always pays off, whether you know
it or not.

Beca 🙂


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