Adventures with Arianna

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Arianna and I have been friends since fifth grade (even though we didn’t start out that way – you can read what I mean here). She moved to California after the end of our junior year and has come to visit a few times since then. I have yet to return the favor. Anyways, she got some time off work and was supposed to visit her parents who had recently moved to Florida. Instead, she decided to surprise her Grandmothers in Massachusetts on Mother’s Day and stay for a visit. I happen to be staying with one of the two grandmothers as she is recovering from surgery, so I helped make sure this whole thing went according to plan. The day finally came and was a total success. Both grandmothers had no idea she was coming and were absolutely surprised. Tears were shed and hugs were shared. I am just so glad I was able to stop hiding that secret that had been eating me away for over a month.

While Arianna was here, there were lots of shenanigans and it was so much fun. I sincerely missed our shenanigans while she was away. As I said, she arrived on Mother’s day, so she spent some time with her grandmothers and I ended up going to celebrate with my mum and little brother. The rest of the week was like that, too, where we’d spend our time with other people as opposed to each other 24/7, especially since we were basically living together while she was here and I most certainly am not her only friend here in Mass. Because of this and in order to keep the post less like a diary entry, I’m only going to mention a few of our more fun-filled days together. Monday and Tuesday while she was here we didn’t spend a whole lot of time together because of work for me and errands and family time for her.

Wednesday was a busy day because we had a bunch of errands to run before we made our trek up to Boston. We dropped off our friend Hadyn at an appointment in Downtown New Bedford where Arianna and I explored for a little bit. Then we got annoyed that the right tail light and blinker were out in Nama’s car so we got that fixed before we went back to get Hadyn and then got ready for the Red Sox game at Fenway Park. Parking was a pain in the butt to find. We had people, including the police, try to tell us where to go and they didn’t even know 100% where we were supposed to go. It took us a good twenty minutes (at least) just to find our parking garage – but what’s a good adventure without a little mishap. It was my first Major League Baseball game and it was so much fun! We sat in one of the open pavilion boxes near home plate so we got a great view of the game. It also ended up being a win for the Red Sox which made the night even better.

Thursday was another day of errands but this time with an added friend, Ashley. Ashley and I have been friends since 6th grade and its probably been about that long of a friendship between Arianna and her, too. The three of us brought Nama to one of her appointments and then we hung out for a bit. And by hanging out, I mean going to take care of my cat while my mum was out of town and then chilling in the parking lot at the doctors waiting for Nama showing each other various memes. That’s how you hang out, right? Cats and memes? After that, I had work and Arianna went and did other fun things with Nama, a family friend, Hadyn, and another one of Arianna’s friends from high school. It was a chill day overall but I am so glad because the next day was pretty hectic.

Friday was Arianna’s last full day on the East Coast and boy did we jam pack that day. To start we headed up to Copicut Woods to walk the trails for a bit. While we explored and enjoyed nature we took some photos because we’re cute and needed to share that with the world. Then we went to take care of my cat again, after which we did some more exploring in Downtown. There I got some juice from People’s Pressed which is probably my new favorite place on the planet. We also did a little window shopping and stopped in the National Park visitor center to look for some postcards that Arianna could bring to her friends back in California. Instead, we found some cute eco-ivory rings with little etchings on them. I had Arianna pick mine and hers out because I couldn’t decide and then it would also mean more to me. I don’t think I’ve gone a day without wearing it since we got them, either. After we realized our parking meter probably ran out, we left and went to bring Nama to another one of her appointments. After, the appointment, Arianna and I went to Roger Williams Zoo in Rhode Island. By the time we got there, the zoo was only going to be open for an hour more and you can bet we made that hour count, even with the (literal) slight rain on our parade. We also came to realize how long it has been since we went to the zoo because we were now much taller than a lot of the statues and fountains that we used to be shorter than and we could easily see into the exhibits that used to be a challenge for us.

This is one of those things I mentioned that we are now taller than but still immature enough to play in.

The zoo closed, we headed back, and Arianna went to visit Grammy for dinner and say goodbye before her flight the next day. When Arianna got back to Nama’s, we went on a few adventures to different stores on the hunt for scrunchies for one of her friends back in California and herself (she liked my scrunchie collection so much that I accidentally got her hooked). Once we finished our hunt through the mall, Target, and Walmart for the various scrunchies, Arianna asked, “So where are we going now?” I, half-serious, said “We didn’t go to Plymouth while you were here.” and so we stopped at Nama’s to grab some warmer clothes and drove about an hour to the Plymouth waterfront and did a little sightseeing around 11 at night. You know, casual. We saw Plymouth Rock surrounded by tiny fish, we walked on a pier and got some pretty neat photos. We drove along the waterfront to a little cluster of shops where we acted like a couple of goofs as usual. And then we went to a park right on the beach where we played for a bit on the jungle gym thing at the beach like a couple of little kids. After the fun in Plymouth, we headed back to Dartmouth so we could try to sleep, especially since I had work at 6 the next morning (spoiler alert: I only got about 3 hours of sleep) and Arianna had a flight in the afternoon.

I woke up before anyone else in the house, a little exhausted (no regrets) and a little sad because I knew once I got out of work, Arianna, Nama and I would be on our way to the airport in Boston. When my shift ended, I quickly changed, took care of my cat, and then got some more juice from People’s Pressed for Arianna and myself (I’m telling you, that place is so good). When I got back to Nama’s we loaded up the car and started on our now third trip this week up to the capital city. We did get stuck in traffic but it didn’t really phase us with the absolute bops we had on the radio, including Sucker by the Jonas Brothers. We finally arrived and we said goodbye. Arianna was crying because she didn’t want to leave, and I almost cried but I knew I’d see her again soon.

I had so much fun while she was here and I hope I get to go out to California to visit her before she moves back here. I am so fortunate enough to have had two of my best friends visit this month and I am so glad they did. I don’t know if you enjoy these posts or hearing about my friends’ visits to New England, but whether you did or not is not exactly the point. For most people “real” adventures don’t happen every day. And they really won’t happen if you sit around alone all day. You have to create your own adventures because they certainly won’t always just fall into your lap. And some of the best ones are the little trips with your friends. If you get any inspiration from this post I hope it is that you reach out to your friends and family and that you create some adventures. Because without some wonderful people and without any adventure, life would be pretty mundane.


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