Adventures with Nicole

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So I fibbed. I didn’t put two posts up last week like I said I was going to. After reading this post you will hopefully understand why.

I decided that this month’s posts would have the theme of adventure. I’m always up for a good adventure, especially with friends. My friend Nicole came up from Florida to visit me and her family but she was only in Massachusetts for about five days. And boy howdy did we pack those days with stuff to do while she was here. The day she arrived, before we even dropped off her luggage, we had to stop and get pickled onions from one of the grocery stores because she couldn’t find them anywhere near her. Then it was a chilled night with pizza and drinks before we headed to bed.

Her first full day here was packed with lots of stuff. Nicole, having lived basically right around the corner from them, had never been to the daffodil fields in Dartmouth. So we planned out some outfits and did a photo shoot there. Enjoy some of the gems:

Once we finished at the fields we headed over to the Wild Honey Cafe attached to Davoll’s General Store, a landmark in the town. I hadn’t been there in a little over a year when I went with my mum the last time. It was so good and if you ever head to this part of the state, I highly recommend it. We then perused around Davoll’s and got some candy and she got a town souvenir. Afterward, we helped my friend Megan with something for Rainbow and when we were done, Nicole just asked, “Wanna get a tattoo?” So we headed out to Onset to the tattoo shop where I got my first tattoo. She got the latitude and longitude of her grandparents’ houses and mine is the coordinates of the summer camp I worked at.

My sports bra left a mark on my tattoo but it’s fine

After we got our new ink like a couple of cool kids, we headed to her cousin’s baseball scrimmage and had dinner at their house where I learned how to play Uno. Then we ate ice cream and watched a movie before calling it a day.

The next day we took a train to Boston and spent most of the day there. I brought her to Primark, of course, and then we went to the Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park (after getting a smidge lost) where we took pictures, primarily of the landscape. Our original intention was to go to Faneuil Hall but she really wanted to go near the aquarium so we stopped at the park first, after which we headed over to Faneuil Hall. There we had some wicked good clam chowder from Boston Cowda Co. We walked around in and out of the rain and into stores, window shopping mostly, while also trying not to slip on the wet stones. Then we went over to Fenway Park to explore a little bit before we headed back. There was an art supply store where an employee accidentally scared the living daylights out of me and where we made vine references. I say references, it was really just one. I’ll give you a hint as to which one: it’s an avocado… Then it was time to leave Boston to go to my friend Mel’s final performance at her school. I cried so much. And Nicole cried because I cried. There were a lot of tears that night.

Anyways, the next day Nicole visited another one of her cousins and I headed up to help Megan some more while wearing a super cute outfit of which I did not get pictures but trust me, I looked like a fashion icon. Nicole and I reunited during my shift where she waited for me to get out of work so we could see our high school’s show of Footloose with Mel. We drove all the way from Dartmouth to pick up Mel from Plymouth, drove all the way back to Dartmouth to the show only to find three other cars in the parking lot. I got the date wrong… oops. So we went to a restaurant in Padanaram called the Sail Loft. The food was so good and I learned I eat edamame wrong. And then, like any good close to an adventure, we went to Target.

The next morning, before the sun had even woken up, it was time to bring Nicole back to the airport so she could go on the next part of her adventure and I could stay here. But that’s okay because I know this month is going to have lots more in store and I am so excited to share them on my blog.

If you have any adventure suggestions for anywhere feel free to comment them below and I’ll be sure to check them out!


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