April 2019 Favorites

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The last Wednesday of the month means a review of my favorite things from the past month, even though there’s still about a week left of April. Before I get into the sappy stuff, let’s dive right into the things you can enjoy, too.

I mentioned in my January favorites that I got an essential oil diffuser that I really liked. Well, I got more essential oils to change up the usual scents I’m used to and I think I found my new favorite smell other than freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. I got a Relax Essential Oils Set from Target which had a scent called “Relax Blend” which consists of lavender, orange, and rosemary. Oh. My. God. It smells amazing and I highly recommend it. It also comes with a balsam fir essential oil which is very strong on its own but if you add the lavender (which is also a part of the set) it’s less harsh and is actually a really nice pair together. If you don’t have an essential oil diffuser and are interested, I recommend either this one if you want one that is small and simple or this one if you were looking for something a bit more sleek. And of course, I recommend the essential oil pack that I got from target to start you off, as well.

I couldn’t express more about how much I like Aerie and everything it stands for. I got my first bikini (pictures soon but it’s still too chilly here in New England) in about 15 years of not wearing one because I never thought I was thin enough. It’s a horrible mindset to have let alone as a seven-year-old feeling that way. Anyways, I got a pink and yellow sweater from Aerie that I wear a lot (it is also on sale right now for 40% off, I’m wearing a large for reference). I don’t generally like pink or yellow but when I saw this sweater I felt happy and it was just sitting there on display. I got it last month when Aerie was having a big sale but I’ve worn it almost every week since then because this sweater alone brightens my mood and when I go through some crap, the sweater goes on. Also, I look super cute in the sweater so that’s a bonus.

My last post was about Thrift Store Upcycle Ideas and that wreath, even if I do say so myself, is super cute. I had so much fun making those projects, even with my lack of proper sleep the night before (I was up by 3:30 am that day… ugh). If you get the chance or the crafting bug, I highly recommend upcycling whether it be something from a thrift store or something already in your possession.

On Saturday, my mum and I went up to Boston to go to Primark, my favorite store ever, just so I could sit on the Iron Throne. We went at a good time, too, because my mum and I only waited in line for a little over an hour whereas earlier that day, the line was wrapped around outside of the store and the wait was probably several hours long. I looked really awkward on the throne as you can see in my Instagram photo, but it was still a good thing to go to. On top of the iron throne, we did a little shopping, because it’s hard not to when you go to Primark. I got a few GoT things, a small Friends backpack, and some really cute clothes that include a couple of dresses (I’m not really a dress kind of girl so this is pretty exciting). I was thinking of doing a haul/lookbook post, your thought on the idea would be great, comment below if you’d like to see one.

Now for the sad part of this post. On Monday the 8th, we had to put the family dog down. We adopted Jack when he was about two years old from an animal shelter on Halloween in 2007, which gave us the inspiration for his name, jack-o-lantern. This made him about 14 years old when we had to put him down. He lived a wonderful life and was loved by everyone who ever got to meet him. But his passing was obviously not my favorite, it actually crushed me and I have been a mess ever since. I’m getting better but it’s never easy saying goodbye. Before he was cremated they offered to make an impression of his paw print, to which I said I’d like that very much. On the clay next to his paw, they stamped his name next to it, too. I will cherish that paw print forever.

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We adopted Jack from a shelter on Halloween in 2007 and after almost twelve years in our family, we had to say goodbye last Monday, April 8th. I never knew how hard it was going to be to let him go but we couldn't let him suffer anymore. I felt so crushed. I didn't know what to do anymore. I didn't want to do anything. It was the worst I have felt in a long time. I never thought that when he'd leave I'd be such a mess. But I know he had a full life surrounded by people who loved him and his mission on earth was complete. He was the best dog and even people who didn't like or were afraid of dogs, loved him. The past twelve years with this goofy dog have been wonderful and I'm glad we saved him. I'll never forget you and I will always love you, Jack.πŸ’• β€’ β€’ β€’ #love #family #dog #pets #peace

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My April started out rough but as the month progressed, things got sorted out and I was in a better place emotionally. It’s not perfect and I wouldn’t want a perfect life, however, dwelling in the sad and negative is not going to get you anywhere in the future. If anything, this month has taught me to take time to mourn, reflect and be sad, just don’t let it consume you. April, you kinda sucked but I’m grateful for what you taught me. Thank you.

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