Currently, I’m…

Currently, I’m…

If you been a reader for a while, you will know that I am a big fan of Carrie Hope Fletcher, a YouTuber, actress, author, blogger, and overall lovely human. I have watched her videos since she started making them back in 2011 and have wanted to be her friend ever since. Anyways, she occasionally does a “series” called “Currently I’m…” as a way to keep her followers up to date with what she’s doing. I have always thought it was a good idea for a blog post but I did monthly favorites instead (which weren’t as fun to do as I thought they’d be). Carrie and her boyfriend, Oliver, have been doing a chatty video every morning and evening (most of the time together) and one of their recent videos was a “Currently I’m…” and so I thought since I’ve wanted to do one for so long, might as well just do it. So without further ado:

Currently, I’m reading… Quite a few books. I started The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur shortly after the book came out but then life got in the way and I didn’t go back… but that’ll change real soon (and if you haven’t read it, it’s free on Kindle right now). In November, I started an audiobook version of Little Women that I would listen to commuting to, from and between jobs, but I couldn’t stand the voice so now I just need to find my kindle so I can finish it (I unpacked it after the move home but I don’t remember where I put it). And then last week a friend and I went on a social distancing picnic together (we were both very safe and neither of us were/are at any risk of infecting the other) and she let me borrow a book while we were together called The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert. The Hazel Wood is a fictional book about a teen, Alice, and her mother who are haunted by bad luck and, further on in the story, by the fairy tales that were thought to just be fairy tales created by Alice’s grandmother. I am only on page 12 but what I read so far was really good. Now I just need to find my kindle and download it so I can finish the book and tell you what I thought.

Currently, I’m watching… Short answer: New Girl and Youtube. I was recommended New Girl by a coworker a couple of years ago but I just hadn’t gotten around to it until about two weeks ago. I am on season 5 of 7 right now and it is so good. I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it already. The way I describe it is that it’s like Big Bang Theory except there is no annoying laugh track and the jokes make sense (as opposed to the mixed-up and ill-placed pop culture references that don’t make sense). My apologies if you like BBT, it’s just not my cup of tea. I also started the show Dracula which isn’t terribly scary, but I’m not about to watch it when I’m home alone and in the dark. And I watched a half-hour of Be Somebody, a very cheesy movie that is most likely meant for teenagers and not people who in their twenties. The only reason I didn’t finish it was because I was tired and went to sleep so maybe I’ll finish it soon.  My “to watch” list once I’m done with or need a break from New Girl  (and maybe when I’m finished with the other two shows) is pretty long: Love Wedding Repeat, After, Love Alarm, The Dark Crystal series, and a bunch more that primarily consist of romantic comedies. Any other suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated in the comments!

Currently, I’m feeling… Not too great if I’m being completely honest. Although this is a nice break from the everyday grind and I have been finding some things to keep me busy (not all of them are productive but that’s okay), the isolation has been kicking my butt. My mental health isn’t doing terribly great for some obvious reasons. I had just moved home from Florida excited to see my friends and family and then two months into being here, I can’t. My family relationships are weird right now for various reasons. And I can’t hang out with my friends as an escape from the normal routine. But soon enough things will go back to normal and I will hopefully be in a better headspace.

Currently, I’m proud of… Myself because I have been able to do and accomplish quite a few things. I’ve been running fairly regularly (some days the weather is too bad – there was hail the other day) in an attempt to beat my dad’s running record and I would like to run in the Boston Marathon one day. I finally finished that scarf that took me way too long to finish. I mean technically I still have to add the fringe but the knitting portion is done! I also started to try new things. For example, I had a really dry and itchy scalp and I was getting dandruff which is something I have never had to deal with so I am trying water washing my hair. I had a coworker tell me about it and I was skeptical because of how oily my hair gets but shampoo tends to strip the natural oil from your hair which can make it more oily. I haven’t washed my hair with any shampoo (nor have I needed to use conditioner) in a full week and my hair feels healthier already. Although it is still pretty oily near the roots, it’s not nearly as bad as the first couple of days. Water washing your hair is not for all hair types but it’s easy enough to get information and if you want to try it, I highly recommend it!

Currently, I’m grateful for… My cat for keeping me entertained and for helping me feel less alone when I am very alone. For Netflix and books for keeping me and billions of other people entertained during this trying time. For the ease of communication I have with my loved ones so that I can check in on them and make sure that they have what they need. I’m grateful for everyone who is doing their part towards COVID-19 relief. For all of the doctors and nurses who are there testing and treating patients. For everyone doing their part by staying home and practicing proper social distancing. For everyone making sure that those in need can have what they need (i.e. shelters, food banks, mental health services, etc.).

Now it’s time for your comments! Comment below if: you want to see more posts like this, if you have another suggestion for the “…” part of “Currently I’m…”, all of your reading and watching suggestions, and if you just feel like leaving some nice messages for me and other readers to enjoy.

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