Day 1: Goals for the Month

Happy Autumn! It is unfortunately
not my most favorite time of year since it starts to get cold which is not my
favorite feeling, but I will admit that it is a very beautiful time of year.
So, in the spirit of fall, I thought I would get back into blogging and do an
October blogging challenge. Day one, my October goals.

Goal 1: Keep up the blog

I have been trying to get back
into blogging the past several months but school, work, and life in general
have all just gotten in the way. Hopefully, with this challenge, it will help
me keep up the habit and my motivation for the blog. I get discouraged easily
which has prevented me from blogging for months. Maybe this challenge will help
me get back into it. The challenges themselves came from several different blogging
challenges. Maybe since I’ve posted this it will encourage me to continue to
post (and spruce up Thirteen Miracles’ content).

Goal 2: Keep Up with School

I am a junior in my senior year
of university. That statement alone discourages me from working hard in school,
because, unfortunately, it makes me feel like I’ve failed and, therefore, what
is the point in trying. Trust me, I know that is an awful mindset to have. Who
wants to feel like they’ve failed at something they enjoy doing? On the bright
side, I am learning to reverse that way of thinking into: I am in my senior year of university. I have worked so hard and soon I’ll be done
with school for a while (at least until I am able to go to graduate school). If
I keep up with studying and my class work, like I have been so far this
semester, then I will be able to graduate with another degree under my belt.

Goal 3: Be more Positive

I try my hardest to be a positive
person but sometimes that little pest in the back of my mind creeps up on me
just to ruin it. I am not what society deems as conventionally beautiful and I
don’t always feel as happy as the smile plastered on my face, but with the help
of some positive inspirations, I am learning to love my self and all my flaws. Self-care
and self-love have become increasingly important to me, and even though I joke
about being trash when I’m doing a trash runs at work, I know that I am such an
awesome and untouchable human that MC Hammer would be jealous.

Goal 4: Get out more

I am always working on something,
whether it be my paying job, or the job that takes my money away from me for a
piece of paper (seriously though, stay in school, kids!), or even helping with
my rainbow assembly (more to come about that statement in a separate post),
that I don’t get very much time to hang out with my friends or even be outside
really. I have always loved nature and hiking and going on adventures with my
friends…BAREFOOT! (I guess you had to be there). Now, I feel like I never have
time anymore or that I am too tired to go out. So, this month, against my desire
to embrace the cold, I am going to go outside! Or at least be a sociable human

I hope you have enjoyed this
post. The real challenge is to continue posting! We’ll just have to be
optimistic that I stick to the challenge I’ve made. I encourage those of you
who have read this to create your own list of goals for the month. Make it as
long or as short as you’d like since it is your own personal list. One goal is
better than no goal.

Just keep going!


Thank you for taking the time to
read this. I appreciate it more than you know. If you liked it, I encourage you
to share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. for others to enjoy as
well as to get the word out about Thirteen Miracles.


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