Day 11: Who Inspires Me?

Back in 2011, a young woman
started a YouTube Channel. At the time she performed in Les Miserables as
Eponine, drank lots of tea, and was an avid book reader. Carrie Hope Fletcher
inspired me to make my own YouTube channel, until I convinced myself not to
because I had nothing one needed to start making videos. She inspired me to
dream big, just as she did when she was my age and younger. She (and Charlie
McDonnell) got me very into tea and I started to drink it a lot (on the bright side, I wasn’t sick very often). Also, because
of her I really got into reading – well at least into the books I wanted to
read, assigned books from teachers weren’t usually interesting to me.

As big as YouTube was, it was
still fairly new to me because it was created when I was about nine years old
and didn’t always have access to the deep dark internet. In 2011, I was only about
fifteen and, even with better access, I didn’t have a lot of time to watch
videos (I have always been a very busy person). People who were youtubers were
just regular people to me. They still are, and I don’t see them as celebrities.
To me, youtubers are like potential friends. Even when famous people start YouTube
channels, they are no longer “celebrities” to me and they’ve also become a
potential friend because of this mindset.

So that is what Carrie is to me,
a potential friend with a really cool life. Since the start of her YouTube channel,
I have gotten to know who she is more. She has been an actress since roughly
1997 and has performed in numerous productions, she has a blog (part of the inspiration to
start my own since I didn’t have anything for a YouTube channel), she wrote
songs, and wrote several books that I am still
trying to get my hands on.

Most importantly, Carrie inspired
me to love myself. I am not quiet about my struggle with personal body image
and self love, at least not anymore. I always thought she was so pretty and I wanted
to look like her. It wasn’t until I learned to appreciate my body that I learned
I didn’t need to look like anyone else to be beautiful. And without her help
and a several other people (Megan Jayne Crabbe, Louise Pentland, Dodie, Noelle
Downing, and even some of my friends…just to name a “few”), I probably wouldn’t
see myself the way I do today. Although sometimes it’s hard to find clothes that
fit right, and I still have trouble seeing how beautiful I am, I wouldn’t
change a thing about me (unless it meant I became less accident prone because
that issue seems to be getting worse).

I had no trouble thinking of an
inspiration for this post and I have no problem coming up with more. However,
Carrie is probably my first inspiration, and Carrie, if you ever read this, we
should totally be real-life friends.


Thank you for taking the time to
read this. I appreciate it more than you know. If you liked it, I encourage you
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