Day 12: My Favorite Blogs

  1. Not going to lie, I didn’t really
    read other blogs before starting this blogging challenge. Occasionally there
    would be one that I would save in order to go back to a recipe or a more
    eco-friendly way to do something. But there are two blogs that I go to for
    “advice” on occasion. Their blogs have very similar messages as to what they
    put on their Instagrams on roughly the same topics, so I don’t always go to their
    blogs. However, their blogs still have some really important messages that I go
    to for inspiration or just to read through.

    One of them, I just did an entire
    post about, and I won’t go into detail for that reason, and that is Carrie’s. I
    followed her blog when it was just on Tumblr as “All I Know Now” and continue
    to read it now. She posts about body positivity, theatre, he adventures and
    more. If you’d like to read more of what she writes, click here to go to her page.

    The other one I read is written
    by someone I mentioned in yesterday’s post. Megan Jayne Crabbe is another body
    positivity blogger called
    She has written a book called Body
    Positive Power
    (yet another book on my to-read list) about diet culture and
    how to love your body and live a regular life. I have said before that I
    “accept” how I look, and as writing this post I realize that doesn’t sound
    great because, to me, it sounds like I gave up on my body when I didn’t. I just
    learned to love how I look, not just accept it. This blog is one that helps me
    and I think all people should read it regardless of their feelings towards
    their own body.

    Those are my main two blogs of
    choice and I certainly am looking into finding more. If I find more, I’ll add
    to this list or if you know of some I might like feel free to suggest them! Today’s
    blog is late and on the shorter side because I am sick and decided to nap
    earlier instead of writing, but I hope you still enjoyed it.


    Thank you for taking the time to
    read this. I appreciate it more than you know. If you liked it, I encourage you
    to share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. for others to enjoy as
    well as to get the word out about Thirteen Miracles.

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