Day 16: Favorite Childhood Memories

Just like everyone on the planet
I had a childhood with a whole lot of memories included. Some are more pleasant
than others, some are really funny to think about. It’s, unfortunately, hard to
pick my favorites but I can try.

I almost always loved school, at
least up until kids got really mean to each other – then it wasn’t fun anymore.
I was also lucky enough to go to a really fun elementary school. My memories of
that school are almost all good ones. In first grade, my class was joined
together with another for the entire year so there were about thirty-five kids
and two teachers that combined their last names to call our class “Mar-Vel-ous”.
If we were good students throughout the week, we had Fun Fridays when we made
different crafts. Some of my favorites were leprechaun traps, kidney bean
frogs, lollipop pals, and edible turkeys made of cookies and candy corn. I met
some really good friends that year and though we grew apart with time, it was
so much fun and first grade will probably always have some of my best memories.
Also, Mrs. Martinho was the first teacher to have all three kids in my family.
There is possibly another teacher, but she didn’t remember my older brother, so
we aren’t sure.

Fifth grade was also loads of
fun. For my school, fifth grade was like senior year and you got to do the cool
stuff like making tye dye shirts with the rest of the classes in our grade, the
fifth grade lip sync (my group did Surfin’ USA by the Beach Boys), the chorus
concert (ours was with songs from High School Musical 1 and 2), and go to the Lloyd Center
to make an “aquarium” for our classroom. When we went to the Lloyd Center, one
of my best friends lost her croc in the peat – it is still stuck in there and
will be there for a very long time – and another couldn’t take her boot off
from the suction caused by the water and it took about three of us to try and
get it off. My teacher was also great. Prior to fifth grade, we were afraid to
have Mrs. Goodman as a teacher because whenever we saw her, she seemed so mean.
Turns out, it was all an act just to trick us into thinking that and she was
actually one of the most fun teachers I have ever had. One of my favorite memories
was a history class. In our history lessons, she would have us act out the
lesson to help us learn the information. She thought it would be funny to
select me as a particular Native American Chief that was a fearless leader in a
battle (I can’t remember which chief or battle since it was about eleven years
ago) because I was the exact opposite him. I was very quiet in class and I
didn’t always like to answer questions since I was shy. Well, according to Mrs.
Goodman, I surprised her and did a very good job. Although, she could have just
been saying that to boost my self-esteem.

The final memory of today’s post
is from before I was ever in school. My dad is an electrical contractor and
when I was little I would go on jobs with him and his helper at the time.
Sometimes the jobs we went on didn’t have solid walls or floors yet. It sounds
dangerous, but I don’t think I’ve ever hurt myself on any of these job sites,
or at least nothing but a scraped knee. Anyways, my dad always kept a rope and
a board with two notches on either end of it in the work van. He would find a mostly
empty room in the building so that I wouldn’t be in anyone’s way, tie one end
of the rope in one rafter and the other end on a rafter or two over, put the
piece of wood on the loop hanging down, and I’d have a swing to keep me
entertained. It was one of my favorite things about going on jobs with my dad.
That and then on the rides to and from the jobs, I would get given peanuts and
Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum, not at the same time, of course. It wasn’t until I was
in about 5th or 6th grade and wasn’t going on jobs with my dad as often that I
was told the reason behind it: I wouldn’t shut up. They called me Gabby, which
I don’t remember, and gave me food to keep my mouth occupied. Joke is on them,
though, because I kept talking and would ask for the peanuts and gum all the

I was dreading writing this post
because I didn’t think it was going to be fun to write about. I don’t always
think back to memories that are positive probably due to my struggles with
mental health. Now that I have, it has brought up all sorts of fun memories and
all I want to do is go back to those parts of my life so I can relive the fun.
However, dwelling on the past isn’t good for anyone. Therefore, I will look
forward to the future and all the ups and downs it has to offer. Then,
eventually, I can look back on those with a genuine smile on my face.


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