Day 18 & 19: Rainy Day Activities

Rainy days are my favorite days
because it is like nature’s way of taking a nap. Everyone calms down and the
world is quiet even if it’s just for a short time. A lot of people say the
weather brings them down because it’s so dark and gloomy but it’s nothing
different from the night when things are starting to wind down. To me, rainy
days are my reminder to calm down and breathe. Rainy days are also the perfect
days to get stuff done.

If I’m home on rainy days, or have a short day
out planned, I try to do some cleaning – emphasis on try. I am by no means the
most organized person, though I try to be so. On these days I like to crack
open my windows to let in some fresh air and that wonderful smell of petrichor
and clean up the mess that is my room. I will also try to clean elsewhere in my
apartment and/or my pet rat’s and fish’s home (I don’t exclusively wait for
rainy days to clean them, but while I’m cleaning, I might as well).

Depending on the cleaning status,
I my either stop for the day or take a break and watch something. This can be
some YouTube videos, Romcoms, Friends
episodes (my favorite) or some episodes of another show. Really anything except
something horror because those are the worst and I am a wimp.

This one is going to sound lame,
but crafts are also a lot of fun on rainy days. Just the other night I was
making fridge magnets and I was having a blast. I like to make friendship
bracelets (real ones, not the beads on a string which can also be fun) and
other little things because they are small and you can stop in the middle of
them to do something else and come back without anything being ruined or too
difficult to get back to.

As I have stated I really like
music. Rainy days are the perfect day for me to play my Chill Out playlist or
find a new playlist with a similar vibe as that one. I will listen while I
clean or just lounge. Afterall, rainy days are the most relaxing.

Reading is another activity that
I like to do (if you didn’t already know that) especially on rainy days.
Sometimes its been raining for several days and it starts to get annoying that
its been raining for a while. Reading a book is a way to go on adventures in
the comfort of your own home or comfy chair.

In addition to stuff to do at
home, I like to go to out and do something. I don’t generally have the money or
time to go to the museum or any galleries, but I feel like on rainy days that
might be a nice place to go. Even grocery shopping because, more fore often than
not, there aren’t a lot of people out running errands so going out to do things
and go places isn’t always an issue.

Rainy days have so much potential
to be something more than boring. Why waste them?


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