Day 4: The Purge… But Better

  1. Back in high school one of my
    friends on the bus brought up the conversation starter “What would you do if
    everything was legal for a day?” At the time, I had no clue. But the question
    would pop up in my thoughts every once in a while. When it did I was stuck on
    that thought for a concerning amount of time. Not because I was trying to think
    of all the evil I could possibly do, but rather “what good could I do if
    everything was legal for a day?” Well I have thought of this list for a very
    long time and here are the top three nicest things I came up with:

    1. Vandalism

    Graffiti is a pretty
    common art form and can sometimes create really creative and beautiful pieces. Unfortunately,
    without explicit permission from the city, company, etc., it is vandalism and
    it is a crime. If it was legal, I would partake in moss graffiti. If you haven’t
    heard of or seen moss graffiti, I can tell you that you are most definitely
    missing out. It is ecofriendly and really cool. Imagine writing really lovely
    messages on buildings for everyone to see or leaving intricate pieces of art for
    people to enjoy.

    Here is a DIY
    moss graffiti
    project, but please, only do it with explicit permission.


    2. Theft

    Stealing is
    something that really scares me, but it can be good sometimes right? Look at
    how much Robin Hood was loved by everyone (please know that I am totally
    kidding, stealing is wrong)! If it was legal for a day, I would go into a
    grocery store, steal as many food items that could fit into my stolen semi-truck
    and bring it to as many homeless and hungry people as I could find. If I had
    time, I would go back, steal more and have it shipped to places experiencing
    severe hunger and devastation.


    3. Trespassing

    This one doesn’t seem so bad but is still a serious problem and often
    a potential safety hazard. Well, I’m all for random acts of kindness, if you hadn’t
    already noticed. I would gladly trespass onto people’s property, especially if
    they aren’t capable of doing yard work on their own. I would break into their
    sheds and garages, take out their lawn mower, lawn trimmer, rakes and whatever
    else was needed to clean up their yard. They can’t do the job themselves and
    landscapers can get expensive, but this way they get free labor and a beautiful


    I hope you enjoyed this post and
    all of its satirical interpretations. These crimes are, in fact, crimes and
    therefore illegal, but there are legal ways to go about them. The moss graffiti
    can be done with explicit permission or even in your own yard. Stealing is
    never good, but there are lots of places that except donations for local food
    banks and various worldwide organizations. As for the yard work, it costs nothing
    to volunteer your time to someone in need, all you have to do is ask! Now go
    out into the world and do some good!

    (Please remember that this post
    is completely satirical and that I am in no way condoning crime.)


    Thank you for taking the time to
    read this. I appreciate it more than you know. If you liked it, I encourage you
    to share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. for others to enjoy as
    well as to get the word out about Thirteen Miracles.

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