Day 6: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

We all know the song. But it is
absolutely impossible to go through life without being worried. Now I am not
dissing Bobby McFerrin in anyway because, that is a good song. However, worry
is part of human nature. And although being worried all the time is an issue that you should get help for, worries
cannot be solved by just being happy.

I am a twenty-two-year-old young
woman in college full-time, working five to six days a week, my truck broke
down this week and now blogging for almost a month straight. That’s just the
beginning of this month, that’s not including any personal things going on. I
have so much to be worried about, I’m worried whilst writing this post. And that
is where the song becomes a little frustrating for me. Despite my worries and
my struggles with my own personal happiness, I find ways to be happy.

Now, don’t get me wrong, worries
should not consume your life. But, if you suppress the feeling of worry to put
happiness in its place, you probably won’t get anything done. Worries are
nature’s way of getting things done. I study because I worry that I won’t pass.
I work because I’m worried about my future. I fix my truck because I’m worried
that I’ll be screwed if I don’t. I am as happy as I can be with the amount of
stress and worries that I have in my life.

Which leads me to the point of
this post, at the moment, I’m happy despite
all those things. And that’s the message I wish the song, and so many like it,
had. It’s okay to be stressed and worried because life is filled with it. Just
make the best of what you can and try to keep smiling (because it’s the best most
contagious thing out there).

Be happy despite your worry.


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