Day 7: Seven Potential Adventures

There are several places outside
of the United States that I would very much like to visit. At the moment I am
unable to because (a) I am in school and have a job, (b) I haven’t enough money
to do that right now. But we all dream to travel the world (or at least most
people do) and we usually have an idea of where we’d like to go. I didn’t think
this list was going to be hard but narrowing my list down to my top seven was a
bit of a challenge. Without further ado, in no particular order, my top seven
places I would like to visit.

1. Amsterdam – I only recently (well,
relatively recently) wanted to go to Amsterdam. I’ve read books, seen videos,
and watched movies with scenes in Amsterdam. I’ve learned about it a little bit
in school but, I feel like I’m missing more of what this beautiful city has to
offer. You can look at Amsterdam in any time of year and it is always so pretty
and I am sure there is a lot more to learn than what I learned in school.

2. Spain – In high school, I
started taking Spanish. When you learn a language, or at least when I’ve
learned a language, you learn about the cultures in the different Spanish speaking
countries. Of course we started learning about Spain almost immediately. There is
so much culture and so many places to explore, why wouldn’t you want to go?

3. Argentina – Not going to lie
the main reason I want to go is because of a Disney Channel Telenovela that I binge
watched on Netflix called Violetta
(great show by the way and if it was still on Netflix I would highly suggest
you watch it). The show took place in Buenos Aires and it looked beautiful. I
can only imagine how beautiful the rest of the country is.

4. Portugal/The Azores – If you
know the area I live in and even just my last name, you’d be able to tell the I
am Portuguese. I have been told that my family is from the Azores which
automatically drew my attention there. I don’t really know anything about my
Portuguese heritage and what better way to learn about it than to go to where
it started, even if I don’t really know where that is.

5. The United Kingdom – I also
have heritage from a few parts of the United Kingdom. Where specifically, once
again, I have no clue. But, as much as I like to learn about my heritage, it
isn’t essential for an adventure like this where there is so much more than

6. Greece – Learning about
ancient Greece and Greek mythology were some of my favorite subjects on school.
The stories are so much fun to learn about and the country itself is more
interesting. Also, who wouldn’t want to see ancient ruins?

7. Rome – I blame the Lizzie Mcguire Movie. That movie put all
sorts of unrealistic ideas in my head and it is wonderful. It is probably the
first time that I ever wanted to travel to another country. And I like learning
about ancient Rome as much as ancient Greece because they are so
interconnected. Rome, I feel, just has so much to offer.

So that’s my list, and that’s
just the surface. There are so many more places I want to explore. And hopefully,
one day, I can. There is so much more we can learn if we actually go there to
learn about it. Sitting in a classroom is good, but exploring is more exciting.

Adventure is out there!


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