Day 8: A few of my Favorite Fall Things

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Autumn is not my most favorite
time of year. It starts to get cold, which means winter is on its way, which
means it gets even colder and there’s snow and, well, you get the point. I will
admit that, at least in New England, it is a very pretty time of year and most
people are in a rather good “mood”, so to speak. Despite the cold, I have some
favorite things about autumn in the North East.

The smell of fall is a distinct
one. To get a little sciencey, as winter kicks in, so does snow which has a
particular smell due to various chemicals. Now even though it isn’t usually
snowing in October in New England, its scent is in the air. And as the air gets
colder, the aroma moves more slowly, thus allowing us to enjoy it.  I guess the cold can be good for something.

The drinks this time of year are
pretty damn good. I am partly talking about pumpkin flavor but also cider and
salted caramel. Why are they only around this time of year and why is it so
hard to come by pumpkin pie, apple cider and salted caramel tea in the summer?
Once the flavors come out in the fall (let’s be honest, its August when they
start putting these flavors out) I have to stock up on as much as I can without
looking like a crazy person. I just want my favorite cup of salted caramel tea
in April and May to comfort me during finals, is that too much to ask, society?

Exploring in autumn is absolutely
wonderful. Going on walks and hikes in the woods to see trees changing and
enjoy the peace and quiet. Going to the beach and smelling the crisp salty air.
Going to places like Boston and going on historical tours – and ghost tours
because autumn is the heart of spooky. And a perk is that people tend to move
faster in the cold because they are trying to get out of it.

Of course, there’s Halloween
which is usually more fun as a kid because you get to dress up and get free candy,
but is more exciting as an adult when our boss says those wonderful five words:
“You can dress up for Halloween.” And then, as an adult, you can go to the
store yourself and get decorations and the discounted treats on November first.
All the scary movies are on tv, too, even if I am too much of a wimp to watch
most of them. Halloween is a holiday for all ages and nothing can convince me

Autumn, though it is not my
favorite, has some of my favorite things. The fact that I get to enjoy them all
around one time of year is always wonderful, even if it is only for a short


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