Day Two: Thirty-one Days of Positive Thinking

  1. A self-love note a day helps keep
    the mental health at bay.

    You would be surprised what a
    little note can do. For example, think back to when you (or someone you know) had
    a packed lunch from your mum or dad and there was a lovely little note from
    them that had some way of expressing “I love you” on it. Think to how that made
    you or your friend feel. I’m sure it was embarrassing getting a mushy note, but
    it also made you smile because you knew that they cared and loved you.

    Just imagine of how that would
    make you feel if it was you leaving yourself little love notes. You would
    probably feel really good about yourself. Well that’s exactly what I’m doing
    this month. Everyday this month, in addition to my several goals for the month.
    I am putting a sticky note on my wall with a little note from me to me.

    You are probably thinking “Well
    that easy enough. Thirty-one notes with something nice written on them is no
    problem!” but stop for a second and list ten things you love about yourself.

    Now list of ten things you would
    gladly change if you had the chance. Which list was easier for you to make?

    Just like most people, I struggle
    with thinking positively about all sorts of things, especially body image. With
    the way society is, we all try to look and act a certain way. It messes with
    our thoughts so we think we are never good enough. We start to think that we
    aren’t skinny enough to wear that dress, we aren’t fit enough to catch that
    person’s eye, we aren’t smart enough to pass that class. It can be so hard to
    overcome such a mindset but little by little and a whole lot of effort,
    switching our thoughts to be positive can make a huge impact on our outlook on

    So if you, too, are up for the
    self-love note challenge. Go for it! I will save mine throughout the month as a
    reminder that no matter what society says, I know that I am always going to be pretty
    damn great.

    Today’s sticky note: “You are a
    sunflower in a field of roses!” inspired by Sierra
    Burgess is a Loser

    Go on and love yourself!


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