Freaky Friday, Anyone?

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Surprisingly enough, this story begins on a Wednesday afternoon and not, in fact, a Friday. On Wednesday, I went up to Boston with my mum and one of our friends, Wendy because it was my last trip to Boston before I moved away and Wendy had never been to Primark before. Before we went to Primark, we walked around the city for a bit. We were heading towards Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market and were passing a place called Boston Seasons Patio when I noticed on the sign an envelope. I went over pulled it off and said to my mum “I think I just found free tickets?” I then, before opening the envelope (in case I didn’t want to go), did what any millennial would do who has followed any musician, theater, show, etc. on social media: I took to Instagram for more information. I looked up the North Shore Music Theater on Instagram and went through their story to see if I could find more information. Sure enough, they had announced that Arts Boston had hidden two envelopes both with four tickets to see Disney’s Freaky Friday the Musical on Friday night.


I invited my friend Mel and her mom to come with me and my mum to the show and I was so excited. I don’t generally get to see any shows or musicals (unless I go to Mel’s shows in which she always does wonderfully). However, I was a little nervous because, on the one hand, it’s a Disney musical and I mean, have you seen Newsies? And on the other hand, it’s Freaky Friday. But a musical was made out of Heathers so I gave it a chance.

Let me tell you I’m glad I did. First off, they have a Garden Bistro which was delicious – I got a grilled cheese and coleslaw and some pickles as a side. It was so good even if it was just a grilled cheese. And the coleslaw was on the sweeter side for coleslaw (and there were cucumbers in it, which I had never had in coleslaw before). If it wasn’t such a long drive from where I currently live, I would go to the Northshore Music Theater just for the food.

Freaky Friday was actually really good. If you ever get the opportunity to see it I highly recommend it, regardless of your age. There were plenty of things for younger kids to enjoy and a lot of humor for the adults, as well. The actors were phenomenal and were so much fun to watch. And Katherine (the mom) was played by Laurie Wells who also played Donna in the National tour of Mamma Mia! which is so cool and she was so good (since you know, she played a teenager in an adult body for a good portion of the musical)! The songs were, to me, surprisingly good and it is something I would play the soundtrack of just as I do for Oklahoma!, my favorite, and Shrek the Musical, my second favorite.

The Northshore Music Theater is also a theater in the round so the actors enter onto the stage via the aisles and have the opportunity to interact with the audience and our tickets were only four rows away from the stage. Around the top of the stage (under the catwalk), there were various “decorations” scattered that pertain to the show like parts of the set or particular things that relate to songs. There were also things in the decorations that had projections on them which shows texts as they are being talk-texted to the characters as its happening on stage. There were windows and flowers and lights that came in from the top of the stage and desks, tables and a kitchen islandy thing that came up from under the stage. things got rolled down the aisles, sets at the top of aisles. It was all very neat and actually a lot of fun to see how things were done differently in this type of theater as opposed to the usual theater most people go to.

I highly recommend seeing this musical or even just going on an adventure and seeing what happens. I went to Boston to go shopping and exploring and I came out with four free tickets to a musical and not nearly as much shopping as I anticipated because I was stressing about my move and also very excited about the show. In the long run, this trip to Boston helped me save money.

But I’m curious and feeling even more adventurous. what are some of your favorite shows, concerts, or musicals that you’d recommend and what are your favorite adventures? I’m looking for ideas for the future. 😉

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