Friendships Worth More Than Words

Friendships Worth More Than Words

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If you haven’t noticed the overall theme of the posts, this month has been about love. My first post was my view on the subject of Valentine’s Day. The second was about loving yourself and included various ways to treat yourself. This one is about friends. I love my friends so freaking much, but I most certainly do not tell them enough. Part of the reason is due to varying states and time zones, and part of it is that I take them for granted all too often. Because I don’t tell them how much I love them to their faces, I thought I’d do it publicly on my blog for everyone to see like a rom-com big gesture scene, only this is platonically.

First up is Arianna. She and I have been best friends since fifth grade. Although we didn’t get along at all at first. She was new to our elementary school and for some reason, I hated her and was really awful to her. I still have no idea why. And the following memory is something that I don’t recall at all, but Arianna told me it happened. I honestly feel so bad about the whole thing and still wish there was some way to make it up to her. One day we were in line with the rest of our class to go somewhere and I threatened to bite her. In return, she threatened to punch me in the face. Then I said, “wanna be friends?” and the rest is history. I am incredibly far from being that evil little child now, but I am so shocked at how mean I was to her. I am so glad that we became friends. We had loads of ups and downs throughout our friendship but that comes with being friends for so long. At the end of junior year in high school, she moved about 3,000 miles away to California. She has come back to visit a few times, but I have yet to visit her. We also don’t talk as often as I’d like to. Time zones make it difficult when you both have jobs and school and, at least for me, I don’t want to bug her if she’s busy.

Shout out time: ARIANNA! I love you so much and time zones, work, and school are lame excuses I tell myself to validate the fact that I don’t text or call you enough. It’s dumb but it doesn’t change how much I love and appreciate you and the next time one of us visits the other, we are going for a drink on me (because I do that now). I am always here for you and will always give you comfy sweaters and mugs and my undying love/friendship. If you and I ever stopped being friends the world itself would end at that instant because it just wouldn’t make sense for us not to be friends.

Now let’s move on to a friendship that started possibly in a weirder and much less aggressive way than the previous one. Nicole used to be my older brother’s girlfriend. My brother was in the Dartmouth High percussion group and she was in the colorguard, a sport that I wanted to be in really badly. Well, the winter season of 2011, Dartmouth High had a JV team which I joined, and she was on the varsity one. She was who I looked up to and we became great friends. Well a while later she and my brother broke up, but she and I stayed best friends and got even closer to each other after the breakup. You can see why it’s a bit weird. We have gotten so close since the

n and she is like a big sister and a best friend all in one. She is another one who lives elsewhere in the country now, Florida to be precise. Florida is a lot less expensive to visit than California and she happens to work somewhere really cool. Not only is she one of my best friends, but I have also become a part of her family. When she and my brother dated, both of our families got really close and they have become one of the many families that I am “adopted” into.

Shout out time: Hey there butt cheek! I love your face and even though I just saw you in December I can’t wait to see you again in April. I just wish it was a bit warmer because then you could try my paddle board without freezing when you fall off (yes, you will very likely fall off the first time). And you should come up here more often. But I guess I’ll just have to become a CP and live down there for a bit, instead. I love you and tell everyone I said hi and I love them, too!

Now for my sister, Megan (not really but my coworker thought she was). I met Megan at Rainbow Camp when we were campers together. I knew her as Megan and she knew me as “Rebeca, the girl really into colorguard”, which wasn’t exactly incorrect. We were friends but more so acquaintances. It wasn’t until we were hired for camp staff that the shenanigans really began. From then on, we were best friends and practically slammed into each other for a hug every time we saw each other. Now, even though Megan and I live in the same state, her home is still about a two and a half hour drive away. Fortunately, she and I transferred to the university in the town I grew up in and we saw a lot more of each other. Unfortunately, I have since transferred from that school to yet another one. We’re still really close (relationship and proximity wise) and we can see each other more frequently… but that doesn’t mean we do. I don’t go to the same school anymore, I am no longer in Rainbow, and I work pretty often. Megan, if she’s not in class, is in the studio working, or doing Grand Worthy Advisor stuff for the state. And though our schedules clash sometimes, a week after this post goes up, we will be out on an adventure together which you will probably see the result of that adventure on Instagram.

Shout out time: CAW-CAW, CAW-CAW! I love you, Megan! And once again, schedules are no excuse for my lack of communication. I can’t imagine not being friends with you. I mean who else is gonna have a sticky note on their wall to remind them when my funeral is? I am so glad that when I texted you for said adventure you just texted back “U free weekdays bb”. I hope you will always be my guide when I’m (literally) inside a hollowed-out stuffed bear because I will always be your astronaut.

Last but by no means least: my honorary little sister, Melanie. I have apparently known Mel since she was a baby, but I don’t remember baby Mel. I just remember the little blond girl who was super excited to join Rainbow. We weren’t close when she first started out in Rainbow but a few years into it, she became one of my best friends. I would go to almost all of her shows (she has a great voice, by the way) and felt awful when I missed any. I’d try my best to go on the JDRF walks with her and even drove the forty-five-minute drive with Megan to bring her ice cream when her guinea pig died. Mel and I became sisters, not only in Rainbow, but in real life, as well. It is like a dream come true for an only girl with two brothers and I am so glad that she is my little sister.

Shout out time: If I never met anyone else in Rainbow, I wouldn’t care because I got to meet you. I love you so much and I am so glad we are sisters. I know you sometimes don’t care if I miss a show, but it breaks my heart because I know how much you love to perform, and I love being there to support you. You are a wonderfully strong young woman and I am so proud of all that you do. And you know that anytime you need anything I will do whatever I can to help you. As Donkey sings in Shrek the Musical, “If you kill a man, I’ll hide the body” (but please don’t do that).

I most definitely have more friends than I wrote about in this post, but if I wrote about all of my really good friends, this blog post may as well become a book. The four I wrote about are some of my friends that I would consider my absolute best friends. We are never afraid to be ourselves around each other, we are always supporting each other, and just everything best friends are in the movies is exactly what we are but about a thousand times better because it’s real. I love my friends, if you couldn’t tell, and I don’t tell them nearly enough. If you take anything away from this post, I hope it is that you reach out to your friends and tell them how much you love them and never take them for granted.


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