Goals for the New Year

Goals for the New Year

New year resolutions, to me, are a load of crap. When I was younger,
I thought it was fun and in a way it is to try and better one’s self in the new
year. But, like most people, resolutions always turn out to be a bust. First of
all, resolutions are very large scale with an end result that seems almost too
far out of reach that people just give up. Second, people stay on track for a good
while and it seems like you’ll actually reach your resolution but then you skip
out a couple of times and, eventually, you’ve fallen so far behind that you
give up and fall back into old habits. Lastly, due to the annual resolution
fails, the word “resolution” alone gives people a negative attitude toward

If the word “resolution” is replaced with “goal”, the idea
of it suddenly feels reachable. It is also very okay to have large-scale goals,
but within each macro goal should be several micro goals that will keep you
motivated and on track. For example, if you have a goal to run a marathon,
start by scheduling some time to walk, jog, or run every couple days or so.
Then get into how far you would like to have walked/jogged/ran by the end of
each week.  If you miss a couple days or
don’t quite make the week’s quota, you still put in the effort and you can try
again the next week instead of giving up.

Now as I have said, I am not very into new year resolutions,
but I figured I give some really easy goals a try. Some goals I thought of are
to reach out to my friends more often than twice a year, meditate about once a
week, let myself have bad days, and go outside for more than just work and
grocery shopping. They seem pretty lame, but for me they are very important.
Allow me to explain:

Goal 1: Reach out to my friends more than twice a year.

I have friends who live across the United States and a
couple in other countries. I am going to set a goal to reach out to at least
one friend at least once a month. It sounds pathetic, but I swear it isn’t. I
get in this mindset all too often that A) my friends don’t want to speak to me,
B) I won’t be able to hold the conversation, and C) I am too busy. Yes, I am
busy but not so busy that I can’t text my friend “I haven’t talked to you in a
while. I just wanted to say hi.” And I do suck at holding conversations, but
the effort was there and my attempt to reach out was a success. And I know for
a fact that it is not just me that feels that I am bothering people when I send
them a message. However, I decided to reach out, whether they reply or not, shows
that I was thinking about them and that I care and to me that is all that

Goal 2: Meditate about once a week.

Meditation can be hard but with a little practice, it isn’t that
difficult. I only recently started meditating and I only do so about once a
week thus making this goal that much more attainable. I use an app called
Headspace which helps guide beginners through meditation. It helps me, but it
may not be for everyone. In addition to the app, I heard some really good
advice from a youtuber, Peter Kingston (Pete’s Jams), who was, at the time, a
meditating novice. He said that meditation is not about “not thinking” or
“emptying your head”, it’s about clearing
your head. If a thought pops into your head, acknowledge it, and then let it
go. Don’t linger on it, don’t think about it extensively, just let it go. I’m
sure that if more people meditated at least once a week, or even every two
weeks, that more people would be able to calm the heck down.

Goal 3: Let myself have bad days.

One thing you all know I struggle with is being positive
which is why this goal seems so odd. I don’t talk about my struggles to get
attention or anything, it is both an outlet for me and it lets people know that
they aren’t alone. I try really hard to be positive even if it isn’t how I’m
actually feeling. My struggles with positivity are always there even if I have
a smile from ear to ear. Although being positive is extremely important for our
mental health, it is also very important to let yourself have a bad day every so
often. Since I was in middle school and more so in high school and college, I
have gotten into the habit of bottling up emotions to keep up with my happy
exterior until I eventually break down. It’s like Elsa in the beginning of
Frozen except instead of years of concealing on not feeling, its weeks or
months. That is why it is so important for not only me but everyone to just let
themselves have bad days.

Goal 4: Go outside other than just to work and grocery

I am very much a homebody. I enjoy staying at home reading
or watching Netflix. Going out into the world is not my cup of tea…especially
if other people are involved. When I go out I usually only do so to go to work
and go grocery shopping. I need to go out and go for walks in the woods or by
the water and get some fresh air and sunlight. By going to the nature reserves
that I usually go to, not only am I getting the fresh air and sunlight I need,
but I am also helping to keep those reserves up and running. Therefore, goal
number four will be for me to go out into the world and enjoy nature as often
as possible with no excuses.

Goal 5: Keep up with Thirteen Miracles.

I keep trying to post more and even though I didn’t exactly
complete my blogging challenge in October, I blogged more last year than I had
since creating my blog in late 2016. That is why I am making it a goal to blog
a minimum of once a month – but hopefully more than that. In addition to posting
more, I have set up a blogger account to transfer this blog onto for various
reasons. First, I will have to pay to keep my URL which will help entice me to
continue blogging. Second, accessing and following my blog, liking, and
commenting on posts will be easier for you, the readers. And third, though I don’t
get paid to blog now and I never did intend to get money from this hobby, if I am
going to spend as much time as I hope to in keeping up Thirteen Miracles, I might
as well make it a second job and get paid for it. My content will stay roughly
the same, but the location of my posts will be elsewhere.

I hope you stick around for Thirteen Miracles’ transition
and that you accomplish your 2019 goals, as well. I will keep you all updated
on the Facebook page to know when I am posting and when the blog is moving. If
you have any post suggestions or want some questions answered, feel free to
send me a message via Facebook, Tumblr, or by email.

Thank you for your support!




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