1. One
    time, a family of a mother, husband, and son came into Panera. The boy had his
    hood pulled almost all the way over his face and he kept his head down. I
    noticed the corner of his mouth was a little darker than the rest of it and it
    was a bit puffy. I asked the mom if he was okay and if he needed anything. She
    said he was (told him that he was more noticeable with his hood like that) and
    told me he had a concussion. I understood as I had had a concussion a few years
    back and knew it wasn’t the best of experiences I had had. I offered him a
    brownie, on me, because who wouldn’t want a double fudge frosted brownie! He
    said yes and his both of his parents were so grateful that I had done that.

         After completing their order, the mother and son went to find a table while the
    father paid. I told him that I hope his son gets better soon which is when he
    told me what happened. They came right from the hospital to Panera to grab some
    food before going to the next doctor that night. The son had been in the
    hospital for days, had a bad (almost severe) concussion, a broken nose, and, if
    I remember correctly, severely bruised ribs from an accident he was in. The boy
    was embarrassed of what he looked like from the accident which is why his face
    was covered so much and he wouldn’t look up.

    the father told me that, I was in shock and wish I had done more than merely
    offer a brownie. If I could I would have used my discount, or paid for it
    myself. I wanted to help this family so much and I just felt helpless because
    there was nothing I could do. I did, however, understand why the parents were
    so grateful for the free brownie. It was probably the best thing that has
    happened to that boy in a week.

        As so
    many people know, happiness really does comes in small packages. All it takes
    to make someone happy, is spreading a little kindness. Even though it is in my
    job description to treat everyone so warmly, I have always been a compassionate
    person anyways. It’s those little acts of kindness that go a long way and can
    change a person’s day completely. For example, I love complimenting people.
    It’s one of my favorite things to do to make a person smile. Its small but the
    person is always so appreciative of the compliment. My logic is: how many times
    a day do I get complimented on anything? The answer for me, time and
    time again, none. Maybe one or two compliments a week. What about the stranger
    at my register? How often do they get complimented?

    point is, people are all too afraid to come across as flirtatious, too friendly
    (whatever that means), weird, etc. instead of just being nice to be nice. To help change this thought process, I purchased sticky notes to leave pleasant or
    funny messages, or reminders to be kind to others, wherever I go whether it be
    school, work, or the grocery store* and call them “Happi-Notes” (like
    happiness – oh I’m so clever). And I encourage those reading this to do the
    same. After all, it only takes is a little kindness to spread a lot of happiness.

    Be kind to everyone,

    Beca xx

    *This sticky note idea is not my own. Many other
    people do it as well but I got the idea from Carrie Hope Fletcher, an amazing
    woman from England that I admire greatly and would love to be friends with in
    real life. (Hey, @carriehopefletcher, let’s be BFF’s!)

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