How to Make Your Day

Today I woke up with very little motivation to even move from the uncomfortable position I was lying in. This happens, unfortunately, more often than anyone would want. I had no desire to go to school (which I thoroughly enjoy), I had no desire to eat breakfast (which I also enjoy because, well, its food), I didn’t want to make myself any tea (I have a problem that probably needs addressing), I didn’t want to read my book (Bookworm… guilty as charged) and I didn’t want to go to work tonight (…I mean I like it but not that much). I just wanted to stay in a sad little ball all day long whilst hugging a pillow. In fact, the only reason I did get out of bed was because I needed to use the bathroom. However, once I was up, and my body was exposed to the cruel cool air that existed on the outside of the pleasantly warm covers, I began to very slowly unknowingly become more contented with my current situation. I unwittingly went through the following steps and it wasn’t until I started driving to my class, that I realized how much happier I had become. So here are 5 ways to make your morning, and rest of the day, at least slightly better:

1. Look up and make an easy healthy breakfast. We get used to eating the same old thing all the time and shaking it up a bit and trying something new does wonders to lift one’s spirit. And having something new and healthy is an additional bonus. This morning I found a recipe for sweet potato and kale hash with a fried egg on top…it was so good! And I don’t like fried eggs terribly much. The process of making breakfast woke me up, mainly because I had a knife in my hand and fingers are pretty easy to cut through, but also because learning something new that early in the morning is like an alarm clock for the rest of your brain to function [somewhat] normally.

2. Wear clothes that make YOU feel good. After I had breakfast, I got dressed. Now last night I had planned to wear a very ugly sweater that I admire greatly today. But when I checked the weather I changed my mind to wear something a tad warmer. And by a tad, I mean a tad. All I did was put on a sweatshirt instead. But it didn’t matter, I was still in clothing that I was comfortable in: jeans, knock-off Converse, and a sweatshirt. I don’t generally wear flashy or “revealing” clothing in the first place, but it was comfortable for me and It made me feel good!

3. Play some very up-beat music. As I brushed my hair and teeth and got everything I needed for school ready, I played a Spotify playlist called “Have a Great Day”. I most certainly could have played my any of my own playlists, but this had songs that I haven’t heard in a while, songs I didn’t know and songs that I thoroughly enjoy listening to and could listen to for days on end. The mixture of music on the playlist was all up beat and nice to listen to and overall left me “dancing” and “singing”, if that’s the right choice of words, around the house as I got ready for school.

4. Pet or feed whatever pets you may have. I live on a small farm with few farm animals and mostly pets. My own pets – that are my personal responsibility and no one else’s because I bought them – are two fish, Procell and Buford, and today was feeding day. Buford, my newest fish, hasn’t quite got the hang of finding his food. He doesn’t really notice until some of the flakes fall to the bottom. Procell, on the other hand, practically leaps out of the water once there is food in his tank. I do have other pets and seeing them happy and loved is one of the best things that could always make my day. Even seeing my goats happy makes me happy!

5. Smile to your ears! I can’t stress this enough: Fake. It. ‘Till. You. Make. It. I know, you’re probably so tired of hearing this, I’m tired of hearing this, I’m even tired of hearing “it really works” because in most cases it is very effective. While you are doing all of the previously listed things, smile away! You wouldn’t believe how doing something as simple at pulling the corners of your mouth upwards would have such a positive impact on not only you, but to anyone around you.

I hope that you try these methods any time you wake up without any motivation…or even with motivation! They are a great way to feel good and energized for the day ahead. Enjoy your day and keep on smiling!
Carpe Diem,
Beca 🙂 xo


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