I’m Back!

I’m Back!

It’s been a while. How’ve you been? What are you all up to? Anything new in your life? Well a lot that has changed in my life since the last time I posted over a month ago. I have moved over one thousand miles from my home state, I have a kitten who I believe is actually half bat and/or vampire, I started my job at a different Starbucks, I started up school again, and I have gone to Disney World at least once a week since I’ve moved three weeks ago. Oh, and Hurricane Dorian has taken his sweet time getting up here.

Overall, the move has been good for me. My mental health is much better except for some added stress of rent and getting my truck registered here. I am meeting a lot of new people and making some friends however my schedule is opposite from most of the housemates so, when I don’t have course work and I’m not at work, I am very bored and lonely. I can’t just text my brothers or friends from Massachusetts and say “hey wanna hang out” anymore. And one of my friends from back home lives down here too but we haven’t talked in so long, I wouldn’t even know where to start. But my boredom and loneliness just means that I have time to explore where I’ve moved to. If you have any suggestions (other than Disney and Universal), they are more than welcome and greatly appreciated.

It’s now September and I have so many things coming up including becoming an age in which no one likes me… jokes. We’re funny here. I have exams which aren’t that exciting but the better I do, the more likely I am to be done with school sooner rather than later. I also have my first 5k this month that I haven’t trained for because it’s just too damn hot right now. But that brings me to my Charity of the Month(s). For my birthday, the 5k, and the One Walk that I have done in the past (which is in the beginning of October) I have chosen to pick the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) as the CoM for the next two months. My goal is to raise at least $275 and anything you can donate is always appreciated. The reason I choose this charity around this time of year every year is because my little sister/one of my best friends has type one diabetes. This condition, especially here in the US, is really expensive to live with because of the price of insulin and, sometimeds, any additional appointments and things needed. There is no cure for it so once you have diabetes, it won’t go away. You are stuck with it your whole life and all you can do is manage it. Here is the link to my Facebook fundraiser that ends October 6th (the day of the One Walk I usually do). And the CoM link for the foundation itself will be updated once this fundraiser ends. Anything you can donate is immensely appreciated and sharing it will also help a ton.

I really want this blog to have a community and I have always asked for suggestions of what to post. I do have lots of ideas but what’s the point in blogging about things that only I and a few other people are interested in? If you have any post suggestions or theme suggestions for posts, I want to hear them. If there is a charity you are really passionate about, if there is a topic that you think more people need to be aware of, if you have something you think I should try and then write about, if there is a brand (with good values) that you think I or anyone else would be interested in, please send it my way! I want this blog to be mine just as much as it is anyone elses. You can comment under posts, send me messages via Instagram or Facebook, or shoot me an email (see my about page for my contact information). Also, if you think your friend or family member would like my blog or that they may have something they want to share also send them my way!

Sorry this post is going to be so short but I think I’ll sign off here. Please, please, please send me everything! I want to hear all of your suggestions! And stay tuned for more life updates like this one in the future (but hopefully I won’t be missing a month of posts again).

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