I’m Moving!

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The reason there was no post last week was because I had just moved back home and I was also planning on moving away again at the same time. Allow me to explain…

If you have learned anything about me from these posts, it is probably that you know that I want to move to California to try and get my dream job at Monterey Bay Aquarium. Well in order to get to our end goal, we have to take steps to get there, some bigger than others. My first big step is moving to a new place basically on my own.

Currently, I live with my Mum in Massachusetts next to the town I grew up in. A couple of weeks ago, my friend Nicole called me and asked if I would want to be a housemate with her and a couple of her friends in Orlando, Florida. I said yes… But then it hit me. I’m moving from the only place I really know, essentially on my own. Most of my family that I know is here in New England. My parents, brothers, Sister-in-law, nephew, cousins, aunts and uncles. It is going to be so hard to be away from them but I know this is a good stepping stone for the future.

Why am I going to Florida if my end goal is California? Before Nicole even asked me, I was already thinking that Florida would be a good middle ground for me. If I moved right to California from Massachusetts I would likely be living with my grandparents until I found a place on my own. I love my grandparents very much and the feelings are mutual but, in all honesty, I don’t really know them that well. They’ve lived out there my whole life and I’ve only seen them a handful of times, usually for fairly long periods of time, but still. In Florida, I have Nicole and her family right there. When Nicole was with my older brother, our families were really close and pretty much stayed that way even after they broke up almost a decade ago. Nicole and I have been friends ever since and actually got closer after they broke up and we’ve visited each other lots of times since she moved down there (me more so). On top of that, a high-school friend of mine and my friend Arianna’s parents recently moved to Florida and my step-grandmother, great uncle, and one of my cousins also go down for a couple of months out of the year. When I go down there, even though I am essentially on my own, I will still have people down there who I can go to for support or even just to catch up.

Another reason Florida is my middle ground is that my second choice of dream aquariums to work at is Clearwater Marine Aquarium (CMA). If you haven’t heard of it before, CMA is home to the famous dolphins Winter and Hope, the stars of Dolphin Tale and Dolphin Tale 2 (the latter I have yet to see). They do a lot of rescues, rehabilitation, and releases which is what I want to do one day. Unfortunately, it is about a two-hour drive from the Orlando area and my truck doesn’t do well on long journeys (yes I am bringing my truck down with me because he’s done me good so far). However, there are a few aquariums in the area at which I can try and apply for volunteering and internship opportunities because my tattoos are kind of preventing any chance of being a lifeguard at some places while I’m down there.

But then there’s the question of work and school. Answer: it’s not an issue at all. I talked to my manager at Starbucks and I am just going to transfer to a store down there, so that isn’t an issue. Also, Starbucks is actually helping with school at Arizona State so I can still take all of my classes online like I was and I can earn my bachelor’s degree while I’m down there, which is another goal of mine.

I am so excited for this next chapter of my life and getting to know new people and experience new things and, of course, go to Disney and Universal almost anytime I want while I’m there. Also, I now know where I will officially be moving to and I am so excited (there’s a pool!).


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