Inspirations and Aspirations

When we aren’t inspired, we are often discouraged. I have been wondering for over two weeks now what to post about. I have had quite a few failed attempts at not only writing something, but even thinking of something to write about. This lack of inspiration has really lowered my motivation for lots of things, not even just this blog. I enjoy writing and I enjoy spreading kindness and love. But without any inspiration, I have been lost. I hadn’t a clue as to what to write. I searched the internet, scrolled through social media, looked for writing prompts, babbled for what seemed like ages on paper but turned out to be a single paragraph. I felt like I had let myself and this small community down.
I was currently away this past weekend in Connecticut for their Grand Assembly (I might talk about what that is later on in a different post). I was listening to speeches that gave me a few ideas about what to write about and I had a conversation with some friends that gave me an idea. However, me being the dufus I am, forgot to write them down and forgot most of the ideas shortly after the fact.
Inspiration comes and goes like a dandelion seed in the wind. We just have to be clever enough to catch it. If we go around getting ideas and just let them be ideas, what might become of us? Every inspiring person, had an idea or a dream, and they caught it, held on tight, and fought for that dream to be a reality. One popular example is J.K. Rowling and her series Harry Potter. It was rejected dozens of times by multiple publishers until one London publishing company gave her a chance. I could not imagine my life without some form of Harry Potter in it. And if Rowling hadn’t been so persistent in the publishing of her book, the world would never know the iconic story that is Harry Potter. She was inspired and fought for her dream that has touched the lives of many.
Too many people just let their inspirations and aspirations slip through their fingers. Too many people just give up on these dreams and ideas. But one cannot just let it get away from them. And I am by no means saying the mere words of “follow your dreams” or “be inspired” because there is so much more to it than just following. Once you have an inspiration or dream, grab it, hold on tight, and work hard for it. Inspirations come and go but what we do with the ones we catch make all the difference in our life.

Work hard and have fun,
Beca 🙂


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