Lenient Love

The word “love” is used a lot.

“I love pizza”, “I love [insert celebrity name]”, “I love [insert tea type]”, etc. Now, I’m not saying that it’s necessarily a bad thing, I do this, too, sometimes. I have noticed my friends and myself, leniently using love and I have wondered, “do I really love [noun]?” I feel like the word “love” these days is so overused that it’s original meaning has become almost extinct or is now synonymous with “like”. Today, we use the word love as really liking something rather than actually loving something. We mean to say things like “this is one of my favorites” or plainly “I like this”.

Love use to be such a strong, powerful word, (much stronger than “like”) and to many it still is. Though, when people enter a relationship, I have noticed, that most people are so quick to say that they love that person, but they have only been together a few days, then they break up after a few months or even weeks. Was it really love? Or did they just really like each other for the time being?

Love is by no means a bad thing. We can love a friend, we can love a pet, we can love family, etc., but jumping into something and instantly saying you love someone just doesn’t seem as genuine. For me personally, until I am sure that I love someone, I wouldn’t say it, or if I did, I would search a dictionary and thousands of other languages for hours to find the right word to express “love” in a more meaningful way since it is used so often and to me, doesn’t carry the same meaning.

I have not ever been in a relationship before, so I am probably not exactly qualified to criticize how or what individuals love. However, I have observed this on social media, among friends, family, coworkers, and myself and I, for one, am going to use “love” less leniently and start looking up words that are synonymous to “really like”.

Keep making miracles happen,

Beca 🙂


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