Strangers’ Faces: Adventures Waitning to Happen

Have you ever sat in a coffee shop
or walk down a sidewalk and just looked at the people passing by? We see so
many faces in a single day and its amazing. But do we ever actually look at
their faces? Do we even glance long enough to admire things like the wrinkle
near their mouth or the light in their eyes? Of course, not. That’d be weird.
*air quotes* But think about it. Everyone from the second they are born to the
second they die has a story that is ever changing and unfolding. And we can see
it if we only look.

Everyone is all for reading up on
gossip on celebrities or making assumptions about them from simply looking at
how their hand is placed in their pocket. But we do not really know that
person. We don’t know what is really going on in their life or how they are
actually feeling (we may think we do but we don’t). And we are so focused on
these celebrities, people we don’t really know, that we seem to care so little
for the person walking into Panera to order a hot chai with whipped cream and
cinnamon on top in a ceramic mug (shout out to you, Antoinette!).

Working in a café I get to see so
many people, being in a youth organization around the world I have the
opportunity to meet so many people, walking through the grocery store I am
fortunate enough to look at the people who pass me in the ice cream aisle. To the
people I serve, I am simply an employee doing their job (or for the regulars, a
friendly familiar face…doing her job). To the people I meet, I am a person they
can confide in and look up to. And to the people in the grocery store, I am a
kid who should get a job, or be in school, or something (I do not look my age).
But to me, every single one of those people is a book that I have yet to read. They
are an adventure waiting to happen.

We see these people every day, but
we never really observe them. We never look hard enough to see the that the
light in their eyes is the tear from exhaustion. That the wrinkle next to their
mouth is from years of laughing with a loved one. We are all too focused on
other people or ourselves to give a stranger a simple smile. And this isn’t an
accusation because, at times, I am guilty of it, too. I, too, get absorbed in
my own life to pay attention to other peoples’. It is a difficult habit to
break, but sometimes we need to break away from it all. Which is why I love working
in a café, meeting new people, or going to the grocery store. I get to see
hundreds of people with stories to be told, just waiting to be heard. I see
adventures waiting to happen.

Adventure is out there!

Beca 🙂 xox


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