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I am an advocate for fighting for what is right. You hear me go on and on about climate change, I talk about women’s equality, LGBTQA+ rights, and racial equality (and soon you’ll be hearing a lot about the injustices against Indiginous people). But it’s not enough. Talking about it is the first step, yes. But equally important is taking action. That is part of the reason I have a charity of the month page where I choose a charity each month to focus on and help out. It helps raise awareness on certain issues and helps out the organizations doing great work. Due to the 2020 Black Lives Matter movement, I realize that now more than ever I need to use my voice to help out our black community. I am white and I am aware of my privilege, and although I will never understand what they go through, I will stand with them in the fight for justice and equality. My Charity of the Month (and for the foreseeable future) is the NAACP. But I will not stop there. On this page you will find multiple resources for you to help out in this fight.


NAACP Legal Defense Fund

The Black Aids Institute

Black Lives Matter

Audre Lord Project

Southern Poverty Law Center

Fair Fight

Know Your Rights Camp

Equal Justice Initiative

Color of Change

Bail Project

Campaign Zero

American Civil Liberties Union



Justice for Big Floyd

Run with Ahmaud

Justice for Ahmaud Arbery

Stand with Bre

Justice for Breonna Taylor

Reclaim the Block

Black Lives Matter

*They may ask for your name, email, zip code, phone, comment


City of Minneapolis PD :

Office of Police Conduct Review :

Minneapolis 311 :


JUSTICE to 55165 & 668366

FLOYD to 55165 & 668366

ENOUGH to 55165


Governor Tim Walz : 612-201-3400

Mayor Jacob Frey : 612-673-2100

Mike Freeman : 612-348-3550

Police Chief Arendondo : 612-673-3550

Minneapolis PD : 612-673-3000

MPD of Int’l Affairs : 612-673-3074

Minneapolis Dept of Civil Rights : 612-348-3744

Sheriff Dave Hutch : 612-348-3744

Louisville Mayor : 502-574-2003

*If you are unsure what to say, here are some websites to help you out:

Justice For Big Floyd

Justice for Floyd

Run with Maud

Stand with Bre


White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo

Me and White Supremacy by Layla F. Saad

Women, Race, & Class by Angela Y.Davis

So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo

The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander

Six Ways Asian-Americans Can Tackle Anti-Blackness in Their Families article by Kim Tran










and the Hashtags:











*This link is the official voter registration link for the United States.


Find protests near you and participate. If you do, please be careful. Make sure you have protection for what ever may come to you. There are lots of places online that can help you prepare yourself before going to a protest. As I find them I will update this portion of the page so you can find all the resources in one place for you to look into.


Know your history and educate yourself on the anti-blackness and racism that has plagued not only our country, but the world. Learn about how you and your community may unknowingly contribute to the system of white supremacy. Do your part to learn and destroy the old ways of thinking. It is not Black people’s responsibility to educate you – It’s YOURS. We are all humans and we all deserve to be treated equally. Fight to make sure that happens.


On my Instagram you will find a #BLM highlight that contains all the resources I got this informati0n from plus a lot more. There are loads of ways you can help and this page and that highlight are just a fraction of ways you can make a difference and help our friends and family in their fight for justice. And don’t be afraid to do your own research of ways you can help and by all means, comment them on my #blackouttuesday posts. As I find more information I will update this page and my highlight.

And if you find any false information on here, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I don’t want this page to be inaccurate in anyway. If a link doesn’t work or an something is incorrect, send me an email or a DM and I will find and fix the issue as soon as possible!

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